Thursday, October 07, 2004

Don't be discouraged by local media coverage.

Despite years of asserting that Jim Moran is unfit for office, this week's article in the Washington Post leaves the impression that Lisa Marie Cheney's campaign is solely about Moran's character. The fact is, the local media loves having such a "colorful" politician to write about - witness their barely concealed joy at Marion Barry's return to District politics this week. So while they call out Moran's behavior from time to time, they continue to undermine his challengers by denying them any opportunity to make their voices heard on the issues. In fact, Lisa Marie Cheney has a clear and strong vision for our community. Below is the text of a letter to the editor I sent the Washington Post. I encourage others to do the same - the local media must be told to report on our candidates accurately and fairly.

Dear Editor:

In Monday's paper, Annie Gowen inaccurately described Lisa Marie Cheney's campaign for Jim Moran's seat as centered on "lambasting Moran’s character" ("Moran Opponent Bases Campaign On Character," 10/04/04). While Moran certainly deserves to be retired on his record of belligerent and inappropriate behavior alone – as detailed by this paper time and again over the past 14 years ("Our view that incumbent James P. Moran Jr., 59, is unfit to serve in Congress is not new, nor has it changed since his last election." - "Primary Considerations" 6/5/04; "It seems to us there can be no favorable interpretation of Mr. Moran's behavior.... The real fix that is needed here is in the representation of Virginia's 8th District; Mr. Moran does not deserve the job." "Mr. Moran's Bad Credit," 7/10/02) – it is unfair to characterize Lisa Marie's campaign as solely about Jim Moran.

Contrary to the impression left by your article, our Republican challenger is a strong candidate with a clear vision for our community, which she details at every opportunity. A look at her website,, shows her positions on a wide range of issues. She is an expert on defense policy and will work to make our region and our country safer and stronger. She pledges to seek new and innovative solutions to our transportation crisis, not just keep throwing money at the Wilson Bridge and Metrorail, as if they alone can solve all our problems. A native of Alexandria with two young children, she understands the importance of ensuring our schools remain strong. And, as a small business owner herself, she knows that higher taxes hurt our small businesses – even in the relatively strong economy of Northern Virginia, small businesses struggle to remain competitive when faced with the high burdens of taxation, frivolous lawsuits and over-regulation.

Frankly, it is deeply disheartening to see my neighbors' collective amnesia about Jim Moran's many faults every other November. This time, we have a real choice in Lisa Marie Cheney, and an Independent-Democratic candidate, Jim Hurysz, as well.


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