Monday, October 18, 2004

Lisa Marie Cheney Out-Raises Incumbent in 3rd Quarter

Unprecedented Result Shows Serious Momentum : "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
October 16, 2004
CONTACT: Brent Littlefield
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Alexandria, Virginia - In a virtually unprecedented move for a challenger to an incumbent, Lisa Marie Cheney, Jim Moran's opponent in the November 2nd election, out-fundraised him in the last fundraising quarter according to the October 15th report released today by the Federal Election Commission.

The results show that in the Third Quarter, Cheney raised a net of $120,555.43 while Moran raised only a net of $114,127.44.

'This shows that people are taking my race seriously and that we are gaining momentum,' Cheney said. 'People know that Jim Moran's vote has been compromised because he has taken large personal loans from indivuduals connected with pharmaceutical companies. He is ineffective because he has been stripped of his leadership position by Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Leader of the House, after she and Tom Daschle chastised him and then six prominent Democratic Congressmen, including two former Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, called on Moran not to run again. It is too late for apologies.'

The results come on the heels of Cheney releasing a video of a FOX News interview with Jim Moran where he admits he should not be in Congress. The video can be viewed at: http://www.cheneyfor

Cheney pointed out that people are also looking for her leadership, 'There is a groundswell from people looking for an intelligent, experienced woman to represent them. They know that a woman will represent them on health care, education, taxes and homeland security differently than Moran.'"


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