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"I want to bring respect and dignity back to Virginia’s 8th District. I am a candidate with national interests, local understanding and hometown passion.
· I will work to provide real leadership to help solve our region’s air, rail and car traffic problems. This means support for continuing rail service out to Dulles airport and the Tyson’s Corner area, as well as improving our current roads and the traffic patterns on those roads. In addition, I believe the time has come to invest in innovative ideas to begin solving our traffic problems.
· I believe all parents should have the right and privilege to choose the best educational opportunity for their children. And all children deserve an equal opportunity for the best education no matter what their ethnic background, or social standing.
· As a successful small business owner, I know and understand the burden small and medium businesses face with taxes and regulations. I will support reforms to lessen the burden of government regulations and taxes that inhibit the growth of small and medium size business that are the backbone of our economy. The U.S. economy is the engine of our nation, and while it is the strongest in the world, it needs fine-tuning. We all work hard for our money—and we should be allowed to keep as much of it as is fiscally responsible to run our government and care for our citizens.
· If we are to remain the greatest free nation with the strongest economy, then we must continue to invest in the defense of our people, the protection of our freedom and democracy, and our way of life. You can not put a price tag on the lives of our citizens, our military men and women, or our freedom. Nor, can we afford to skimp on the equipment and technology necessary to give our men and women in our armed forces the edge they need to protect and defend this great nation, and our allies abroad."


JIM HURYSZ (Independent-Democrat)
"Here's what I will do as your Representative in Congress, based on your priorities:
· Introduce legislation to make NASA's next mission the elimination of aircraft noise
· Introduce and support legislation to preserve and expand existing railway systems and railroad tracks
· Introduce and support legislation to fund new light rail (and equivalent transportation) between and among urban areas and suburbs
· Introduce and support legislation to fund light rail (and equivalent transportation) rights-of-way to be dedicated when new towns and subdivisions are planned
· Introduce and support legislation to fund a comprehensive system of train-to-home, home-to-work, and home-to-shop shuttle bus service, using alternative fuel vehicles, including vehicles powered by fuel cells"


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At October 25, 2004 at 8:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim Hurysz is about a lot more than the bites posted here from his website. A few other cornerstones of his platform:

Increased funding for quality afterschool programs -- which would help close the gap for our many immigrant pupils, reduce gang involvement and teen pregnancy, increase youth fitness and improve test scores and literacy generally.

Advocacy for a single-payer national health system to control runaway administrative costs and make care universally available.

Fast-forwarding of energy technology through tax incentives and funding, to protect the environment and reduce dependence on oil.

A renewed US commitment to diplomacy, currently funded at a fraction of the defense budget.

Deficit reduction by reversing tax cuts for the wealthy and eliminating corporate tax breaks that do not produce direct benefits in job creation.

Absolute support of personal privacy, including women's reproductive privacy, and support for equal legal rights for committed couples regardless of gender.

"Our Jim" is much more progressive than the "Jim in Office." And he's pushed both major-party candidates to defend their worthiness in debates. In fact, Lisa Marie Cheney admires him enough to keep swiping his talk points. There's flattery for you.

Kate Murray -- Media Coordinator for the Jim Hurysz Campaign

At October 27, 2004 at 8:37 PM, Blogger CRL said...

Thanks Kate for visiting and posting additional info on Jim H. Obviously, it's hard to get a complete picture of him with our local "news"papers' inadequate reporting.


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