Monday, November 01, 2004

Jim "I like to hit people" Moran walks out on constituents

At yesterday's final debate, among the three candidates in the 8th district as well as all 3 candidates in the 11th (Rep. Tom Davis' seat), Moran hit a new low with his behavior.

In lieu of opening remarks, the incumbent sighed about how "tough" this campaign has been on him, and introduced his family - taking care to emphasize each member of the extended family who is Jewish. Did we mention the debate was at a synogogue?

The format was a little chaotic, with all 6 candidates answering each question in roughly a minute (Moran two, three, four - he's never felt the time limits applied to him). After three questions, Moran informed the moderator that he would be leaving, because he had another event. The moderater attempted to persuade him to stay for the last two questions and summations, but Moran insisted he had to go. He then walked out and chatted with a number of people in the audience, while the remaining candidates carried on with the debate.

As anyone who has followed this race knows, one of the main "mistakes" Moran has made were his derogatory comments about the Jewish community. One would think he would have taken advantage of his final appearance at a synogogue to make amends to those insulted by his past remarks. Apparently, restoring the relationship with his Jewish constituents was not a high priority for Mr. Moran.


On the other hand, Lisa Marie Cheney and Jim Hurysz had strong performances. Lisa Marie got a little ahead of herself at times, stumbling over parts of her talking points. But she was clearly upbeat and poised to finish out the last two days strongly. Jim H. struck a few chords with audience members on transportation issues. And he really is his own man -- at one point even railing against the 3rd party candidate in the 11th for claiming to support light rail and yet (according to Jim H.) never attending meetings on the topic.

Having all six candidates at once was a bit awkward, and Moran's bizarre behavior a distraction, but voters at the forum were left with a clear vision of which two 8th district candidates really care about them.

So go out and VOTE TOMORROW for a Representative with INTEGRITY: LISA MARIE CHENEY! - OR - JIM HURYSZ!


At November 1, 2004 at 9:34 AM, Blogger CRL said...

Hear why Lisa Marie Cheney is running to be our next Representative, in her own words. (From WTOP's "60 seconds with Candidates" series, Jim Moran declined to participate, and it doesn't appear that Jim Hurysz was invited.)

At November 1, 2004 at 12:02 PM, Blogger Kate Murray said...

We only heard about 60 Seconds with Candidates on the Hurysz campaign by accident -- after I sent two presskits to Mark Plotkin with no response, Jim simply called the show with four days to go and ended up being shunted to someone who dealt with the candidate statements instead, apparently by a glazed-eyed operator. We didn't, of course, have a sixty second statement prepared right that second -- and have been mired in debates, radio programs and face to face with voters ever since. Occasionally the core people in the campaign, Jim included, get time to sleep.

A lost opportunity but also another example of the way media simply discount independent candidates. Since they "don't have a chance," a lot of papers and broadcast channels don't bother to offer them the same chances as the major candidates. I've been accused of "whining" about this, but especially ona small campaign with skeleton staff, you can't monitor every channel to see what's available (NewsChannel 8 sent out a letter weeks ago and we did put on a 2 minute spot there) or clairvoyantly know which group is having a debate. The ballot information is on the State Board of Elections website, and anyone involving themselves with elections coverage or evens can go there.

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At October 30, 2007 at 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

where is lisa marie?
Why do we still have republicans in retreat??
Why pick on hispanics?
Are youse guys racist?

It seems so!!


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