Friday, October 29, 2004

In the Home Stretch - now do your part!

An internal poll had Lisa Marie Cheney within single digits of Moran roughly a month ago. Jim Hurysz is finally getting some local media coverage. The end is in sight - now it's your turn.

$10, 25, 50 - whatever you can will help fund the last-minute GOTV push.
Give now to Lisa Marie Cheney and/or Jim Hurysz.


For Lisa Marie Cheney

  • Distribute literature and/or make phone calls - starting Saturday 10am.
  • Can you take time off on Election Day to work the polls? Come to HQ Sunday at 3pm for a poll watchers orientation.
    Find details here, call campaign HQ at 703-370-0989 or email to sign up or learn more.

    For Jim Hurysz
    Contact Kate at to find out about opportunities to help the campaign this weekend, or visit his website.

  • Thursday, October 28, 2004

    Decision Time: Endorsements, Final Debates

    First Newspaper Endorsements for Lisa Marie Cheney

    Today, the Washington Jewish Week AND Northern Virginia Journal were the first to break with the local media tradition and endorse someone other than the incumbent - both endorse Lisa Marie Cheney.

    Jewish Week:

    We have long called on Northern Virginians to oust U.S. Rep. Jim Moran. He has a history of antagonism toward Israel, and time and again has found himself at the center of embarrassing scandals. Though we disagree with some of her stances, Lisa Marie Cheney presents herself as a fairly moderate Republican. Although she has not held elective office, we believe she deserves a chance at the two-year seat.

    Journal, "No more embarrassments--vote for Cheney":
    Moran's past indiscretions in the personal, financial and political arenas continue to disqualify him in our eyes....Cheney, a savvy defense consultant who's lived in Alexandria all her life, says she's been embarrassed by Moran's behavior over the years, like many others in the 8th District. Cheney offers voters a credible--and welcome--alternative.

    The Jewish Week delivers the most issue-heavy portrayal of Lisa Marie's campaign yet; and also mentions, in its separate review of Moran's "history of antagonism toward Israel,"'s own Jonathan Mark:
    Jonathan Mark of Kingstowne said the final straw for him was a 2001 American Muslim Council speech in which Moran charged that Sharon was coming to D.C. to get a "warrant from President Bush to kill at will with weapons we have paid for." Mark called Moran "unfit for office" and is supporting Republican Cheney. He tells those who refuse to vote GOP but don't want to back the incumbent to support independent candidate Jim Hurysz.

    Three cheers for Annie Gowan’s WaPo article today including several entire sentences on Jim Hurysz! And, mentioning some of Lisa Marie Cheney's stands on issues, unlike in her original profile of Lisa.

    Your last chances to form your own opinion of our candidates, Lisa Marie Cheney and Jim Hurysz, are this weekend at the following forums:

  • Saturday, October 30th 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Rosemont Civic Association Candidates Forum
    Maury School
    600 Russell Road, Alexandria

  • Sunday,October 31st 9:30 a.m.
    Temple Beth El Candidates Forum
    Temple Beth El
    3830 Seminary Road, Alexandria
    This is a brunch and forum. Brunch begins at 9:30 a.m. and the forum starts at 10:30 a.m. Cost is $7/person in advance; $10/person at door

  • Wednesday, October 27, 2004

    On Style

    Thought I would pass on a few stylistic observations on the candidates' performances at several recent debates, as a brief respite from the issues.

    Lisa Marie Cheney - generally calm and steady, passionate about how our district "deserves better", she has loosened up over time and seems to have hit her stride. Always appeals to Democratic voters who are supporting Kerry because they think he will restore honesty and integrity to the White House to apply the same standard to their member of Congress.

    Jim Hurysz - often attacks Lisa Marie more sharply than he criticizes Moran. Rattles off numbers & statistics with ease, but reads off his notes during opening & closing rather than making eye contact with the audience. Has a good line about Moran not taking advantage of his shorter-than-average commute to Capitol Hill by working his way up the leadership ladder.

    Jim Moran - arrives late, while the others speak he smirks, looks bored, hangs his head and rests his eyes (see picture on At one recent debate, he got up, went to the bathroom, got food, and stopped to talk to his buddies (local Democratic officials) -- all during Jim H.'s opening statement. He seems deeply bothered by the fact that there are people who dare to run against him - and yet not bothered enough to treat them, and their supporters, with anything remotely resembling respect.

    Monday, October 25, 2004

    WaPo Again Makes Case for Mr. Moran's Defeat, But Neglects to Endorse Challenger

    As per their tradition, the WaPo today maintains their contention that Mr. Moran is unfit for office, and yet deliberately undermines his challenger, Lisa Marie Cheney, by misrepresenting her positions and refusing to endorse her.

    (For Congress in Virginia (

    The most useful recommendation of the editorial is found in its opening sentences:

    INCUMBENTS IN THE House of Representatives from Northern Virginia have contrived by gerrymandering to assure themselves of near-certain electoral victories every two years. That serves voters poorly; we'd like to see the state institute a less partisan system of drawing lines.

    On Mr. Moran, the editorial states:
    Democratic Rep. James P. Moran Jr. of the 8th District, lacks the temperament for the job, as he himself once said publicly. Whatever his merits as a legislator and his experience as a public servant -- which he has been for more than two decades -- Mr. Moran has largely negated them by his own blunders and character flaws. This newspaper has documented his ethical failings involving cozy financial deals with special interests whose causes he helped advance in Congress, as well as his hot-tempered penchant for confrontations and scuffles -- in one instance involving an 8-year-old boy. To this record he has added insidious remarks suggesting Jewish Americans bear special responsibility for pushing the nation into war in Iraq.

    Mr. Moran at recent debates has called comments on the incidents listed here "personal attacks" and "distractions." The attacks in question were, in fact, personal - physical acts of violence committed on multiple persons BY Mr. Moran. And the type of hateful bigotry expressed by Mr. Moran in his comments about Jewish Americans must surely be a "distraction" - a distraction from keeping an open mind on US-Israeli relations as they come before Mr. Moran in his role on the defense appropriations subcommittee. They are also deeply "personal" to Jewish Americans here in Mr. Moran's district who feel that, as the Washington Jewish Weekly wrote (6/10/04), Mr. Moran's words "give comfort and justification for those who are [anti-Semitic]."

    On Ms. Cheney, the editorial sneers:
    Unfortunately, his Republican challenger this year, defense contractor Lisa Marie Cheney, is a lackluster alternative whose party-line orthodoxy and evident reluctance to challenge the powers-that-be make her a poor fit for the district.

    Would that be the "party-line orthodoxy" she displays when she calls President Bush's support of the Federal Marriage Amendment "a mistake"? As a newcomer to elected office, when might she have had occasion to "challenge the powers-that-be"? Or did the editorial board expect her to come out against the party that - nominally - backs her candidacy? I also find it hard to believe she would follow the "party line" more extremely than Rep. Tom Davis, whom the board endorses in the 5th paragraph, and who serves in senior GOP leadership as the past CHAIR of the House Republican Fundraising Committee (NRCC).

    She is content to prescribe ambitious spending on transportation and infrastructure but loath to say honestly that higher taxes would be the price.

    And yet in the very next paragraph, Frank Wolf receives the board's endorsement because of his success in securing significant transportation funding for his neighboring district.

    It is an uninspiring choice. In a heavily Democratic district such as Virginia's 8th, we have no illusions that Mr. Moran will be easily displaced. We make no endorsement, but once again express the hope that next time his party will show the self-respect to nominate someone of greater stature.

    I take issue with the first sentence, as I have personally been inspired by Lisa Marie's tenacity and dedication to this district; but I know not everyone has yet had the benefit of spending time with her.

    More importantly, by giving the benefit of the doubt to Mr. Moran over (either of) his challenger(s), the Washington Post has instead tacitly endorsed the physically abusive and verbally malicious behaviors of our incumbent, Mr. Moran. This district deserves better. VOTE TUESDAY FOR LISA MARIE CHENEY - OR - JIM HURYSZ.